Viking-Jr & Women's Trainer

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What is the backstory on your derby name.

I have dual citizenship between USA and Norway. I wanted to honor my Norwegian heritage. I also love Vikings.

What are you doing when not training the future of roller derby?

I am already very involved with Southside. I play for both Maidens of Malice and SSRD Elite. I also train all adult skills levels, bootcamp to advance. I work for the Gulf Coast Center as a Service Coordinator. I protect the rights and monitor goals of people with special needs and/or low IQs. At home, I like hanging out with my ragtag pack of rescued animals, 4 dogs (Oskar, Tails, Frank, and Frieda) and 2 cats (Boo Cat and Fire Cat).

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What are you training strengths.

As a trainer, I’m very patient and positive. I try to break down drills and build on them as we progress. I like to focus on Endurance, Body Mechanics and Awareness. I want to make sure everyone is learning how to play, correctly and safely. I can train a variety of skills including agility, jamming, blocking, and pivoting.

  • Endurance
  • Body Mechanics and Awareness
  • agility
  • jamming
  • blocking and pivoting.