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Meet BrAsh Knuckles #3  (Group Fitness Instructor and Derby Girl)

How did you learn about SSRD & why did you join?

I had ALWAYS wanted to play. I loved the sport but didn’t know if it still existed! So randomly my husband’s friend’s girlfriend (I know a mouthful) was telling me how she used to play at SouthSide and she told me to look it up… so I did… found me a groupon for 10$ came to one class and said “yep, I’m home”. I fell in love instantly and knew I found my place. Well the rest is history.

What gym do you train at and what classes do you teach?

I train at Lifetime Fitness Lake Houston. I teach Soul Grooves and No Limits. I am also ACE certified and can teach many other formats.


Has roller derby made an improvement in your health? How?

Of Course!!! Not only has improved my physical health (all the cardio and butt muscles) but my mental health. It makes me purely happy. Nothing beats putting on a pair of skates and hittin’ some b!tch3$ (not sure if i can say that, edit if necessary lol)


Top three exercises to strengthen Jammer performance!

Squats squats and more squats! All the squats!!! Front loaded up downs and lastly sled pushes!


Top three exercises to strengthen Blocker performance!

MORE squats!
Skater lunges!

Pre game rituals? Snacks, warm-ups, etc?

MuSic music and more Music!!! I love good music to get me in game mode and I always have some kind of protein cookie (Lenny & Larry’s is my fave). Oh! and tons of water! As far as warm-ups nothing particular. Music is pretty much my pregame 🙂 <3


What advice or tips would you give a roller girl to help her get in shape and improve her performance? Strength, endurance?

As with anything you get out what you put in! So as well as training on skates its important to train off skates as well. Even 30 minutes every other day or at least 3x week not only will make you a better derbier but a healthier you. Which is far more important in the grand scheme of things 🙂


Where & when can we find you if we’d like to join your classes?

Find me at Lifetime Lake Houston Tuesdays at 5pm for a lil SG and Wednesday Mornings 515am for some full body No Limits!

Derby Fit HIIT Off Skate Workout of The Week
50 seconds work
10 seconds rest
And repeat!! (2 times through)

50 Seconds Front Loaded Squats!! Do lots of them!!
10 Seconds Rest

50 Seconds Planks
10 Seconds Rest

50 Seconds Skater Luges Fast Feet!
10 Seconds Rest

50 Seconds Sumo Squat
10 Seconds Rest

50 Seconds Clean The Floors
10 Seconds Rest

50 Seconds Right 1 Leg bridges
10 Seconds Rest

50 Seconds Left 1 Leg bridges
10 Seconds Rest

50 Seconds Push Somthing Heavy!!
10 Seconds Rest

Visit our you tube SkateHIIT for examples and modifications of Brashes Workout.