Meet The Teams! ~ Zebras

1. Cherry Punch (Head Ref)
2. Malibu Vader (Co Head Ref)
3. Red
4. Choctaw
5. A Salt Charge
6. Buns N Roses
7. SurgiCally Stelle
8. Circle Jerk
9. Slim Gem
10. Shortcake
11. Mama Red
12. Gringo
13. Rebecca
14. Cally
15. Itsy Bitsy
16. HomeWreckHer
17 Banana Split Her
18 Gunzz and WhamOh
19 Deeva de los Muertos

Ref-Meat Training Is In Full Effect!!

Ref Training is every Wednesday night 7:30pm at Pearwood Skate Center ~ 1230 Broadway ~Pearland Tx.

We have skating and non skating position available.

(1) Head Referee (Non-Skating)
(2) Jammer Referees (Skating)
(2) Pack Referees Skating (Skating)
(2) Outside Pack Referees (Skating)
(1) Game Executioner (Non-Skating)
(1) Penalty Tracker (Non-Skating)
(2) Penalty Box Administrators (Non-Skating)
(1) Scoreboard Operator (Non-Skating)
(1) White board (Non-Skating)
(2) Eye in the Sky (Non-Skating)
(1) Penalty Tracker Assistant (Non-Skating)

To sign up fill out this form below and we will contact you with a conformation of your start date.