Women's Beginner Roller Derby!



Women’s Beginner Roller Derby Boot Camp  is your 1st step to laying the foundation of your derby life.

Class Time Monday 8-9pm
4 Weeks Long
(No Walk Ins)

Required skills:

  • Be able to committee to showing up for 4 Mondays in a row.
    (If you miss a class you will be lost when you return, each class build on the other class.)
  • able to skate at a steady speed
  • able to stop
  • able to skate around moving and stationary objects.
    If you need help making the basic requirements to join the beginner class contact us for information on a more basic roller skating beginner class options to get your ready for beginner roller derby.

You will need:

  • a great attitude
  • wear work out clothes
  • bring water
  • eat some thing! Fuel up before class you will need energy
  • bring water water water!
  • No need for any fancy skates or protective gear for this class, we provide all that in the 1st 4 for weeks of Beginner Class Just Show Up! If your are in love with roller derby after the the 1st 4 weeks of class you will need to have all your own gear to transfer into our intermediate class.

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Next Session Starts March 5th