South Side Roller Derby has been transforming girls who can barely stand-up on skates into amazing derby players since 2006. We are ecstatic that you have shown interest in SSRD and our Roller Derby Boot Camp program. RDBC will provide you the skills necessary to be drafted to a team and to excel at this sport. Below is a summary of what to expect from each of our boot camp levels.

Step 1: RDBC 1
Basic building blocks of roller derby: how to skate like a derby player, stops, falls, and how to make light contact. 

Step 2: RDBC 1.2 
Learn and begin practicing the Skills Test, which includes speed skating, lateral drills, and jumps. 

Step 3:  RDBC 2 
Continue practicing passing your Skills Test at the beginning of each class, in addition to doing derby drills. Once you pass the Skills Test in RDBC 2, you will join our advanced group.

Advanced Level
You are ready to be drafted to an and will continue training at the advanced level.