Skating Roller Derby Referee

Thank you for showing interest in our skating referee program. This program has huge rewards. It’s not only free, it also help keep our sport alive and thriving, because there is no game with out referees.

Skating Referee Practice Monday 6-8pm

Before showing up to your skating referee practice you will have to pass a hand signals and verbal cues and standard practices test. So study up and commit them to memory. When you have them memorized and you think you’re ready to tryout schedule a tryout date with us at

You will also be tested on skating skills. If you have never trained to do any of these skills. We suggest you sign up for our Women’s Beginner Roller Derby Boot Camp.
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    Safely recover within three seconds of a one knee, double knee, and 4 point fall.

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    From a standstill, stepping front, back, and side-to-side.

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    With one boot feet and from one foot to the other foot.

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    Focus – Able to look at the pack will skating with other referees.

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    Weave through cones 6ft apart with out losing balance.

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    Be able to maintain balance and focus on the pack when evading obstacles

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    Skating Backwards

    3 laps backwards with crossovers on the turns.

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    Turn Around Stops

    be able to turn around stop on the inside and outside of the track.

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    Skate Kissing

    The ability to maintain control or safely fall when wheels are clipped.

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    Light Hits

    The ability to take light hits safely (both expected and unexpected hits).

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    Knee Taps

    Can alternate left and right knee taps while maintaining control and speed.

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    Skating Over Ropes

    While skating – can step over a 1″ raised barrier.

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    Complete 10 laps in 1:35

When you think you are ready
contact us to interview.
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