Banked Track Roller Derby Rules

Basics of play

Banked track roller derby is played by two teams of five members simultaneously skating counterclockwise on a banked track. Each team designates a scoring player (the “jammer”) the other four members are “blockers.” One blocker can be designated as a “pivot” – a blocker allowed to become a jammer in the course of play. The jammer wears a helmet cover bearing two stars; the pivot wears a striped cover; the remaining members’ helmets are uncovered.

The bout is played in four periods of 15 minutes. Point scoring occurs during “jams”: plays that last up to 60 seconds. During a jam, points are scored when a jammer on a scoring pass (every pass a jammer makes through the pack after the initial pass) laps members of the opposing team. Each team’s blockers use body contact, changing positions, and other tactics to assist its jammer to score while hindering the opposing team’s jammer. Certain types of blocks and other play are violations; referees call penalties and require violators to serve time in a penalty box.



Designated by star on her helmet and known as the sprint skater. Her objective is to score one point per opponent she laps.

Lead Jammer

The Jammer in the lead and the only one that can call off a jam.


Designated by a stripe down the middle of her helmet and known as the pace setter for the pack. She may take over the Jammer position once she has the star in her possession..


The most important element in determining points scored. They set up plays to help fellow mate or setup blocks for opposing Jammer.


When a skater gets a penalties, her team will be down a skater and she will have to sit in the box for one jam.

Above the Shoulders
Back Blocking
Low Blocking
Directional Blocking
Multi – Player Blocking
Blocking Out of Bounds
Assisting Out of Bounds
Failure to Reform
Skating Out of Play
Blocking Out of Play
Assisting Out of Play
Skating Out of Bounds
Cutting the Track
Illegal Blocks
Illegal Procedures
Delay of Game
Unsporting Conduct Insubordination

Hit, skate, love derby!